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The Swan Reach Museum

This museum stores some of the most fascinating collections of memorabilia that reflects the European history. This building is currently housed in the original school that was built in 1917.

The museum has collection of documents, photographs and many historical items relating to the history of education and social history of the area.

For more information, phone 08 8570 2019

Visit Big Bend

The Big Bend cliffs near Swan Reach are the tallest cliffs on the Murray River and are over 200 million years old.

See these amazing cliffs and the wildlife that inhabit them or explore the fossils of previous inhabitants.


For some more adventure, take the Big Bend night eco tour. This tour explores nature's nightlife and the many creatures who emerge when the stars come out.

For tours, visit

The Swan Reach Caves

​The caves are called the Swan Reach Caves or the Punyelroo Caves, they are well known to the Aboriginal people in the area. 

A University of Adelaide natural science expedition in December, 1937 explored the cave reports of big spaces like churches with many connecting corridors.  

Amazing fossils dating over 200 million years when the area was part of a huge inland sea. 

For tours, visit


Explore the billabongs and creeks

Water birds are abundant here, particularly in the
backwaters and billabongs fed by the river. An ideal location to relax and explore.

Yabbies are plentiful in summer and a great feed. All you need is a dinghy and yabby pot!

Ngaut, Ngaut Conservation Park

​By arrangement, visitors can take a guided tour with the local Nganguraku people to Nguat Nguat Aboriginal Site at nearby Kroehn’s Landing near Nildottie

The Conservation Park is home to an ancient archaeological site and the Nguat Nguat Boardwalk that meanders up the cliffs. 

Bookings for visitors in groups of 10 or more can be made by phoning 8570 1196



Punyerloo means “a good spot for camping”. In Swan Reach, this is located 7 m from the main town.

Punyerloo is a sequence of attractive riverside places for camping with excellent views across the beautiful Murray River and is very famous amongst water-skiers.

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