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Local Industry 

Apart from tourism and a great holiday destination, Swan Reach is primarily a horticultural and broad acre farming community. The main produce being almonds, citrus, avocados, grapes, potatoes and onions​.

List of the industries in and around Swan Reach

  • Boojerahla, Swan Reach:  Pistachio grower
  • Burk Salter, Blanchetown: Winery
  • Castle Farm, Swan Reach: Broadacre cereal farm and sheep
  • Chamelae Enterprises, Swan Reach: Grieger Homestead products, Olive Oil, Olives, Dried Apricots
  • Cliffview Farms, Swan Reach: Onion producers
  • Cooinda, Swan Reach: Dried Fruit, Olives, Olive Oil
  • Costa Produce, Swan Reach: Almond producers
  • Forster Hill, Forster: Broadacre farming, Sheep, Onion and Potato growers
  • Illawonga, Swan Reach: Quandongs and Sandalwood
  • Illawonga School Camp S.A., Swan Reach
  • JJ Mining and Earthworks, Swan Reach
  • L Docking, Swan Reach: Carrier Services
  • Mijalu, Swan Reach: Citrus, Grapes, Almonds, Avocados’ and Persimmons
  • Neldner Farm, Swan Reach: Broadacre farm
  • Oakville Potatoes, Nildottie: Potato growers
  • Phil Haby, Nildottie: Transport Services
  • PW&KJ Linke, Nildottie: Bulk Carriers
  • Ponderosa, Bakara: Broadacre farming
  • Reach Landscaping, Swan Reach
  • Rob & Dot Haby, Nildottie: Transport Services
  • RV & DF Haby, Nildottie: Sheep, Wheat and Barley
  • S A Waxflowers, Swan Reach Growers of Geraldton Waxflowers
  • Scott Olives, Sunnydale: Olive Oil
  • Silverlea, Swan Reach: Olive Orchard
  • Stoeckel farms, Swan Reach: Broadacre farming and Cattle
  • Stoeckel Transport, Swan Reach: Transport Services
  • Swan Produce, Swan Reach: Citrus, Almonds and Grapes
  • Swan Reach Waxflowers, Swan Reach: Growers of Geraldton Waxflowers
  • Tony & Sonya Friebel, Swan Reach: Mid Murray Tours or Bus Charter
  • Wookata, Swan Reach: Vineyard
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